Our Projects

Only some of our projects are listed here because non-disclosure agreement or other agreement.

MEGA Finland 2011 : Geocaching in Tampere (2012)

MEGA Finland was big geocaching event in Tampere. We did product official movie and DVD’s from event. It was our first production contract and our company was known as Filmcore Films.

Watch video in YouTube

Ecommerce & coding services (2016-)

Arctic Aspen Studio offers everything from service design, development, hosting, support, payment solutions, customisations, and integrations with existing business systems for ecommerce clients.

2020 We started to offer coding solutions for games.


Opencart v3 Finnish language pack (2017-)

Finnish language pack now for Opencart version 3.X. At this time we did do lot of custom websites and ecommerce sites to our customers. Opencart was missing Finnish language pack, so we did do one.

We still maintain and update Opencart v3 Finnish language pack.

Stock Footage (2018-)

We started stock footage production 2018. Stock footage production gives our company continuous work and passive income.

FTenvironment (2020-)

FTenvironment is our X-Plane project. Name comes from “Fine-tuned X-Plane Environment”. Pack includes new set of skycolors, clouds, water and custom code.

Buy FTenvironment from here.


Tukikauppa.fi (2022-)

Arctic Aspen Studio acquired Tukikauppa.fi 2022 with plan to develop ecommerce store to meet future standards and customer needs.

Arctic Aspen Studio is responsible for the operational activities of the tukikauppa.fi