Order and delivery terms

Arctic Aspen Studio, (Hereinafter referred to as online store) sells products to individuals and corporate customers in Finland and to other countries. We reserve the right to change the delivery terms and prices.

Online store details

Company: Arctic Aspen Studio

Business ID: 2323493-4

Mailing address: Orelinkatu 49 B 18, 37120 Nokia Finland (There is no physical store at address)

Email: [email protected]


The products to be ordered are selected in the online store by adding them to the shopping cart. The order will be send at online store checkout. By placing an order you agree to these terms of delivery, product prices and shipping costs. An order confirmation will be sent by email to the email address provided at the time of ordering. The order confirmation shows the products ordered and the price.


Online store payment methods are Stripe-, Viva- and Paypal-payment. Payment is safe, since all transaction information is transmitted over an encrypted connection, so that no third party can see the details of the transaction. A transaction occurs between an e-commerce customer and an e-commerce company. When paying with a card, the online shop only acts as a marketer for the products and services and delivers the products to the customer. Paypal acts as a seller and payee for payments made with Visa, Visa Electron and MasterCard, and is hereby responsible for any obligations or complaints relating to card payments. The payee will be Paypal / Arctic Aspen Studio. Card payments are made securely and our company does not have access to card information and no debit card information is stored in our systems. Card payment is supported by the international Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode authentication services, jthey are used to verify the identity of the cardholder.


We deliver products ordered from the online store to Finland and overseas. Shipping costs will depend on the shipping method. Shipping costs are displayed at the checkout when ordering. Shipping costs will be paid when ordering. In some cases, an order placed by a customer may be delivered in several parts, and the customer will be notified. We always provide the customer with a tracking ID when it is available, allowing the customer to track the order’s journey to the pick-up point or home door.

Delivery time

Delivery time for products to Finland is mainly 2-5 business days. If the product is out of stock, the delivery time can be 2-4 weeks. Orders arriving to the e-commerce store will be processed as soon as possible, usually within one business day, the customer will always receive an email confirmation when the order is processed or when the order is shipped. Customers can also order specific products even if they are not in our warehouse, in this case, the products will be shipped primarily from the manufacturer’s stock. In some cases, it may also be a batch of products that are expected to arrive at our warehouse. Product stock balances and shipping times are listed on the product page.

Cancellation and refund

The consumer customer has the right, within the framework of the law, to cancel an order, order cancellation must be made within 14 days of receipt. The right of cancellation and return does not apply to business customers. Obligations of the Consumer Customer upon cancellation: The product to be returned must be unused, the customer has the right to familiarize themselves with the product for 14 days but the used product will not be accepted for return. Commissioning refers, for example, to the use of a product (excluding trying clothes) or product modification. If the product has a seal, or any other certificate equivalent to a seal may not be tampered with or removed, if this is done, the product is no longer recoverable. The product to be returned must be returned in the original valid sales packaging! Arctic Aspen Studio does not automatically cover the cost of returns, excluding situations where cancellation and refund is due to an error and / or error in the Arctic Aspen Studio Online Store. The customer’s 14 day return period is deemed to be the time of receipt of the goods, which will be verified with tracking data as needed, Arctic Aspen Studio will refund the purchase amount to the customer to the account specified by the customer. Payment is refunded 14 days after Arctic Aspen Studio has received the return (reception time), in exceptional cases, we will contact the customer to arrange a return. In the case of partial cancellation and return of an order, we will not refund the shipping costs. Since some of the products are delivered free of charge to the customer, the deduction for shipping costs in these cases is a reasonable 10€. Product returns must always be notified and customer service agreed [email protected] with before a refund can be made!.

EXCEPTIONS: Products and / or services that are manufactured and / or ordered at the consumer’s request and are made specifically to meet the customer’s wishes and criteria. There is no right of return / cancellation under the Consumer Protection Act for these and / or a mixture thereof. However, with these, you can listen to the customer and wonder if there is a common compromise.

Digital products do not have the right of cancellation and return.

Uncollected orders

Orders that are not picked up or received are not orders canceled under the Consumer Protection Act. In those cases where the customer does not collect his order and the order is returned to the shipper (seller), the customer must request a refund in writing within 30 days of the return, otherwise we will withhold the entire purchase amount. Any re-shipment of the product to the customer will always be at the customer’s expense, and the policy will be agreed on a case-by-case basis.

Shipments damaged in delivery

Unfortunately, despite careful packaging, shipping companies do not always manage to deliver packages intact. Therefore, when picking up / receiving a shipment, the customer must check the condition of the package and any damage to the package. If the shipment is damaged in transit, IMMEDIATELY report the damage to the shipping company. Also contact seller.

Settlement of Disputes and Justice

If the dispute is not resolved by negotiation between the parties, the consumer may bring the matter before the Consumer Dispute Board (https://www.kuluttajariita.fi/en/index.html) settlement. Before bringing the matter before the Consumer Dispute Board, the consumer should consult with the Consumer Advisers’ Office (https://www.kkv.fi/en/consumer-affairs/consumer-advisory-services/). Disputes will be settled in the District Court of the Arctic Aspen Studio Online Store. Lawyers’ fees are not reimbursed because the Consumer Advice and Consumer Disputes Board provides free help in resolving disputes.